About us

Kid’s Financial Intelligence Research Institute (KFIRI) is committed to better understanding the diseases of childhood and to discover innovative treatments to help children and young people live their healthiest lives.

KFIRI includes research undertaken by our students, affiliated academic staff and research staff at all Sydney’s universities.

Our 180 researchers, support staff and students are dedicated to discovering new ways to improve the health of children. Many of our researchers are also clinicians, ensuring our world-leading research is quickly translated into treatments for their young patients. Their research is informed by the situations faced by the kids they treat.

Our work comprises three main areas: basic science in the laboratory to understand intelligence disease processes in children; clinical research to develop better diagnosis and treatment methods; and population health research to understand the impact of disease in the broader community.

As the leading financial literacy education provider in the region, KFIRI specialises in providing financial literacy lessons for school going kids and children. We have a comprehensive program that has been developed to educate and engage kids through a fun-filled interactive program that brings the lessons to life.

In KFIRI, we have developed our own three-pillar model to financial education. Through our years of teaching kids about money, we have understood that developing a financially savvy child requires more than just giving them the knowledge.


While knowledge alone is not sufficient, KFIRI strives to develop high-quality content with its reputable and accredited partners to educate kids on key areas of personal financial management such as saving, budgeting, investing and retirement planning.


Being financially savvy isn’t just about having the knowledge, it’s about practicing the knowledge you have and this means having good “Money Habits”. This is where a structured and long-term program like KFIRI model is important. Through our regular learning activities, we are able to provide the kids with experiential learning and time required to inculcate the good financial habits in them.


The third and final component of our financial education model is Social Pressure Defense. This refers to a child’s mental strength in not being influenced by the bad financial habits of their peers. A child who is knowledgeable and has good financial habits can still be influenced by their peers to make bad financial decisions. This is where KFIRI invests time to develop activities which help kids develop their own mental strength and to prevent them from being influenced by bad habits of their peers.