Our Research

Kids Research has approximately 600 researchers and support staff. Our passionate team of world-class researchers are dedicated to improving the lives of children with many illnesses including cancer, bone diseases, genetic conditions, diabetes & obesity, infectious diseases, brain & muscle disorders, sleep disorders, kidney and liver disease.

Our research involves basic science in the laboratory to better understand disease processes in children; clinical researchto develop better diagnostic techniques and treatment methods and population health research to understand the impact of disease in the broader community.

This research spans seven major research themes – we invite you to browse through the research themes for an in-depth look at the aims and outcomes of our research.

It is through research that we find cures for childhood diseases and develop better treatments for children. Many of our researchers are also clinicians, ensuring that our world-leading research is rapidly translated into treatments for their patients, and that these children have early access to innovative and new treatments.


We spent years incorporating different ideas, thoughts and concepts that would make the learning process engaging and absolutely fun.

We want approach want our kids to be in a stimulating environment and this will become important for them as our classes will act as their Rehearsal for Real Life. Giving them a hands-on experience – without the risks of losing real money.

That’s not all, apart from training kids to be financially literate, we also help them acquire a lifetime of practical skills and values. The skill of mastering the art of money, ironically, is not just about the money. It’s a reflection of the character of those who have it. It represents their mindset, a determination to achieve goals, to appreciate and value their own work and that of others.

And we have found a way to do this and have been doing this in different countries over the past few years.